Edu-Game as a combination form from 2 words, Education and Game, is a game where education materials/concept fuse with the concept of a game. As a game made for player with intention to have fun, Edu-Game is stressing in interactive and fun way and how Education concept/material will be deliver to player. It will be another unique way to deliver learning media to students.



You are eligible to register in this program if:

Valid Student Card (for Student).

Valid College Student Card (for College Students).

Official Letter from institution (for Teacher).

Not coming from any related professional background with competition, otherwise the committe will disqualified the game.

Doesn’t have any experience in participate competition for National and International scale.



1st winner : IDR 3,000,000 + certificate.

2nd winner : IDR 2,000,000 + certificate.

3rd winner : IDR 1,000,000 + certificate.


The Winner Edugame Competition SEAMOLEC

Muhammad Tegar Pambudi


Diah Permatasari


Amar Fadil


Winner Announcement

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